• Greg Coulston
    General Manager
    02 6051 4651
    Greg is a linchpin at Belbridge Hague Law in his role as general manager. He balances our ambitions with reality and drives us to achieve our vision for our business by identifying our commercial and financial strengths and weaknesses.

    Greg came to us from a public accounting background with one of the "Big 4" Chartered accounting firms where he practised in areas such as taxation, business services, and general and computer audit.

    In addition to managing the legal practice, Greg collaborates internally and externally with clients and stakeholders to distill and share the best information with our clients. Greg is available to our practitioners to provide advice and information on various financial matters, allowing them to take a holistic view of their client’s business as opposed to a strictly black letter law approach.

    Also, Greg has extensive knowledge of payroll tax, fringe benefits tax and internal control systems and can advise and support practitioners on employment related issues, corporate governance and treasury issues.

    As a strategic thinker and planner, Greg moves our business to a culture that is dependable, well structured and team orientated so that it can achieve its strategic goals.

    Greg is an intrepid caravanner and enjoys investigating and spending time in remote parts of our country that most people never get to experience. His two dachshunds also love to share Greg’s adventures.