• Stephen Wood
    Business Development
    (02) 6051 4683

    With such a current wave of change in the Legal Industry, it is more important than ever to consider how our Firm is positioned with both existing and, just as importantly, new clientele. Through the foresight of our Senior Management it was identified that there was a need to have a dedicated resource to take Belbridge Hague Law as a brand into the marketplace in a more contemporary manner. This brought about the creation of the position that I currently hold as Business Development Manager.

    My role is about making the most of opportunities to review our promotional and marketing strategies, to ensure all aspects of our branding retain relevant consistency. This also leads to a mindset of gaining the best possible understanding of the style of engagement being sought by current (and future) clients of our Firm, in order to produce continued growth within the practice.

    I am regularly involved in the highly relevant area of professional networking (we are an absolutely people-focused practice) and seeking out opportunities for Belbridge Hague Law to assist with pro-active community support. As an aside to my core role, I also undertake the recruitment and human resource responsibilities for our Firm. We view this is a non-negotiable component for the success of Belbridge Hague Law as we move forward - Good people create good culture and good culture creates great client experiences, which is totally aligned to the vision for ongoing success at Belbridge Hague Law.

    I am very proud of my involvement in the local community via Rotary and coordinated the Nail Can Hill Run fund-raising event for a period of three years, from which the proceeds raised provide a delivery of much needed projects and support to many worthy charities in the region.